October 22, 2013

I am at a loss for words

Written under the influence of cannabis tobacco.
Darkness falls
as the confusion sets in
there's a rumor brewing in the west
of hallucination bring forth by a substance
illicit dreams with the strike of a match
giving life to limitless imaginations 
slowly obliterate free will
and yet here I am
and all I wanted was her
the only substance to complete me
keep me going through this motion
in the city of three eyed creatures
watching my every move, like a sentinel
save me from my own make believe perils
empty winding roads filled with goblins and trolls
and men without eyes blindly stray towards the edge
there in the corner, stand a lonely princess
looking at me as i'm watching her
big blue eyes hiding her bereavement 
her piercing gaze, firm yet exquisite
no orcs of the west would dare to face such beauty
and I am mesmerized, turning into a statute 
I tried to hide my stare
Hidden in plain sight
so there I wait
a reluctant figure, frozen in time
waiting for the princess to free me
from the clutches of the evil empire
slowly creeping from the west

Written under the influence ofcannabistobacco