April 27, 2010

burning the midnight oil

experience the joy it brings... the moments that would last an eternity... a fight that would make others turn green in jealousy... enjoy the pleasure it brings

laugh at the silly jokes even when it doesn't make any sense... smile at the mere sight of her presence... when colors are monochrome... everything is in black and white... except for the both of you...

Share those treasured moments of each other company... while it last... because for all the fun and joy... happiness is a temporary state of mind... once reality set in... you are nothing but 2 strangers trying to make it work...

pessimist as i am... reality bites... we both know that misery loves company...

blind as i choose to be... expect the truth to hurt... even the optimistic ones...

the truth in my lies... and the lies in my truth... both are open to interpretations...

I am merely writing in the comfort of my fort.. stone cold heart with bloodshot eyes...

I need to get myself some sleep... hahahahaha :P

April 5, 2010


Are we dying by the suffocating grip of fascination?
Is infatuation a crime punishable by breaking the heart of one self?
Are you tired of this proverbial mundane ordinary routine of living a life worthy of dying?
Is falling for someone an unconscious reaction to being alone?

Where is the wiser when answers are no where to be found?
What will become of us if we keep on wondering?
When is this quest for explanation is going to end?

subtlety and not aristocracy
a shinning light in the face of mediocrity
break me free of this complacency
I don't want to be just another face in the crowd
Don't want to lead another meaningless consumer driven life

I'm tired of breaking someone else's fall
I'm done with playing the role of a mole
a caffeine laden drink and cocaine lined utensils
tell me if I'm telling an untruth

It ends tonight when the darkness turn to light
I'm sorry but I cant give you what you're asking of me