July 31, 2013

The death of sincerity

good looks
the restless heart
and they rejoice
in the death of sincerity
bitter hearts
wander the lonely street of animosity
the crestfallen graffiti
grenade shaped heart
let it be known
purity is blurred by emotions

July 12, 2013

a hearty break (up)

"Am I fooling myself (waiting for you)" I asked.
she looks down on her feet, hiding her face from being read.
no words were uttered, echoing the muted response I get
The chemistry slowly fades, no more nervous laughters
So here we are, the point of no return
a fork in the road
to be or not to be
so I blew out another cloud of smoke
a rush of nicotine fix to my iron lungs
I can hear her sigh
disapproving of my addiction
she dig her feet further into the sand
the silence has turn awkward
still she hide her face from my stare
animated taunts now filled the air
betraying the trust I had in us
she takes my cold hand, and now our eyes locked
"I couldn't lie anymore" she said
I saw some colourful fences in her glass eyes
I fake a smile, sad torns in my eyes
"That's alright now, darling", a lump in my throat
"it was worth it while it last" 
So I let go of her soft hands
We gave each other one last look
and that marked the parting of our ways
It could have been good but I gave myself way too much credit
another vicious cycle continues
another dead end avenue
in the city of heartbreak