May 27, 2014

Fake your death - My Chemical Romance

Some people watch
Some people pray
But even lights can fade away.
Some people hope
Some people pay
But why'd we have to stay?
'Cause even heroes
Get the blues
Or any misery you choose
You like to watch
We like to use
And we were born to lose

I choose defeat
I walk away
And leave this place
The same today
Some like to sleep
We like to play
Just look at all that pain

You want the heart
Or to be saved
But even good guys still get paid
So watch my back
And keep the blade
I think it got you laid
So fake your death
Or it’s your blame
And leave the lights on when you stay
Take off your clothes
And dream that fame
Come on and feel that shame

I choose defeat
I walk away
And leave this place
The same today
Some like to sleep
We like to play
Just look at all that pain

Just look at all that pain [3x]
Just give me all that pain [3x]

I choose defeat
I walk away
And leave this place
The same today
Some like to sleep
We like to play
Just look at all that pain


Thank you for the memories... another awesome band finally bite the dust... good music is slowly dying... 

May 26, 2014

why are we laughing ?

I remember that it hurts....
looking at her hurts...

May 19, 2014

Lets tango, Hazel...

Hello there,

Finally the weekend is over, though I usually treasure the weekend as much as the next person, but its no fun when you have to be on call for the weekend... in fact it is a hellish experience... though after about 10 years in the IT field... I am used to it... doesn't mean I can't complaint about it... I will always complaint... 10 years in It is a long time... the sad truth about the IT support guy... while computers are meant to make human life easier... supporting the system is not an easy task... the average IT guy works for more than 40 hours a week... He is on call 24/7 (being in a team does help, as well as the global support team)... he never get the compliment when the system works... but get all the screaming when it failed... seriously I did not know why I am still in this line of work... Probably because I watched the movie hackers and decided I wanted to be one... though, truth be told, what I do is so far away from being a hacker.. I don't do programming... and my programming skill is worse at best... I cant even do the basic HTML coding anymore... my shell scripting are basics... geez seriously... what am I doing here...

Ok so anyway last weekend wasn't so bad... 2 medium high calls, 1 turn out to be a false alarm and the other one was a simple fix... I guess ever since we manage to stabilize the systems and the migrations process finally complete... the on call work load isn't as heavy as it used to be... and I should be grateful.. at least I have a job... It could have been worse... I could have gone into engineering field as planned and get no where... how many of my engineering friends are actually working in engineering fields ? less than 10% I think... most of them ended up doing something that are not related to their studies... the point is.. you can plan all you want, the future are not as predictable as you thought it was... that's what so great about it... the unpredictability... the melancholy of not being able to do anything about it... the beautiful ideas of what you wanted it to be and what it eventually will become...

Owh Ok the weekend... that was the point of this entry/post but I'm over it now...

There, you see.. the beauty of unpredictability... I was going to write about something else but then ending up writing about something else... just beautiful... immense and cosmic....

Ok.. I am blabbering like nobody's business...

And I was supposed to finish reading the fault in our stars before the movie comes out in June... current progress... PAGE 6... like seriously, after 3 weeks still at page 6... man I really need to focus...
I promise myself to finish it before the movie come out.. hopefully I would be able to do so...

Ok roger and out

May 14, 2014

I dont want to be alone (in love)

We are a simplified versions
Of a grandiose ideas
About life
We are what you make of us
A little lost in between
battle scars and memories
We are, for a lack of a better word
An untamed force of nature
Waiting for a chance
To rekindle past glories
Remember us ?
A second chance once more
Maybe ?
So we can fall again
Together this time
To our hearts content

"living is easy with eyes closed... "

May 7, 2014

People can be so mean...

It's 3:57 AM and I can't sleep... so I do what I always do when I can't sleep... browse through YouTube...  looking at all the videos I have been subscribing to..

Watching this YouTube series that I discovered about a month ago called "kids/teens/elders react " and I stumbled into this video (link below)... and with that my faith in humanity was crushed... I mean really people????... someone made a mistake and you keep harassing them. have you no heart ? damn those people... I still have not got the courage to watch the original video that was discussed in this episode of teens react... I need to get some sleep... I have to wake up in another 2 hours to go to work... But I'll watched tomorrow after work... and I will definitely google Amanda Todd to know what's up with the case....

People can be so mean....

May 4, 2014

Happy Nightmare!

Selangkah lagi dari kekal
Pegangan yang semakin gagal
Perjalanan yang tiada berbekal
Hanya semangat yang belum cekal
Segalanya hancur kesal
Apabila destinasi itu 
mimpi yang penuh sesal.