October 26, 2009

hati berkecamuk

Through the madness of the chaotic frenzy of criticism created by the mass media,
Through the pain barrier,
Through everything they throw at us (beach balls included)

We persisted,
We huff and puff,
We chased every lost causes,
We showed them what it takes to be a red,

Because our eyes have seen the glory.

and in the end

They are left speechless and destroyed...

never once have i doubted my team
even when we were supposed to be in a crisis...

That's what real fan supposed to be...

be it sunshine or rain...

damn I wish I have enough money to go to Anfield.. at least once in my life

October 13, 2009

Nothing ever made to last

I wish you joy
I wish you happiness
above all
I wish you the best of luck
come this Saturday
you'll be entering a new stage of your life
and I bid adieu to you ... (just because I don't want to get stuck in the memories of you... getting over you was hard enough)

So I am walking away from all of this
with the hope
by this time next year...
I'll be going out with one of these girls
(I would have attached pictures of pretty girls here but I'm too lazy to do that... so I'll write their names instead)
1. Milla jovovich
2. Demi lovato
3. Hannah Tan
4. Lisa Surihani
5. Intan Azura
6. One of the pussycat dolls
7. zhang zhi yi
8. Maggie Q
9. Jessica Michibata
10. Jenna Jameson or Jenna haze

Selamat Pengantin Baru to you, dear old flame

The pleasure was all mine
I Hope you had the time of your life....