March 27, 2013

Au revoir

that good bye
simple yet powerful
drowned me
underneath a wave of farewell
that stare of unspoken words
that marked the parting of our ways
no longer together
not even for a breather
so long
so long
my precious, we don't belong
nothing hurts like this sad love song
Writing rhyme that feels so strong
but yet seems so wrong
though it felt so right
in the middle of the night
you can call it a fright
because losing you
will never ever be right

*Reproduce from echo far beyond the yonder

March 26, 2013


I learned something from watching the tv series called Parenthood, season 2 episode 17...  I have watched that episode countless of time... but hey, I'm slow... now I realized that there is a lesson to be learned from it... hahaha... how to deal with a situation that is not going to end well... two words... good bye... such a simple words that could end so much of suffering... 

I guess the simpler things in life gets taken for granted for far too often... and we didn't even realized it until it is way too late... way too far and way too useless to be use anymore... I am guilty of the doing this... I am guilty of holding on to the things that hurt way more than I am willing to admit... I am guilty for not realizing that life is not about what you wanted... it's about doing the best out of what you are given with... because most people adapt to changes in life because not all dreams are meant to come true... not all ambition turn out good... 

And before this... whatever it is... it played fantastically in mind, gets out of hand... I have nothing left to say now and so good night princess...

Also I learned that one mistake can destroyed so much... you only have one chance to make an impression... one chance that is all you have and one mistake is all it takes... life is pretty short when you think about it... 

owh and yeah... Minka Kelly is sooooooo damnnnnn hotttttt..... hahahahahahahaha... well boys will be boys...

March 4, 2013

My fallacy

The fall of my fallacy, a long-timed make believe, living an ardent life of deceit and lies has finally undone me... a slow crawling epiphany, creeping to a boxed up mind... opening avenues that was once blocked with a deafening silence of an empty space... filled with nothing but angst... blinding the eyes from the real ethos lived by many... 

My fallacy is my own downfall, forever intertwined with my own fate, a creation of years of pain and suffering, somehow survived to masked me in a different light, special but not extraordinary, determination that was in vain in the end as the soul lost its way and darkness creep in to take hostage of what is left of an already shattered mind... misconstrued the events of yesteryear and overcome by the infinite melancholy, a tragedy was never a forgone conclusion, slowly and surely the lights fades away, replaced by the darkest of self inflicted pain... the horror and the gargantuan fear gives way to a new height of terror... (ade da aku melalut... time to sleep)

for what has been said and done is nothing more than just a feeling I can no longer keep pent up inside... the fear of being sad and alone... trickle down with the ever changing aspiration to get closure...

the love, the hate and the ever present jealousy... all boiled up into one serious screaming game... good bye Mrs. Brightside... my fallacy is that I believe that I had a fighting chance when I clearly don't.