January 24, 2011

face first

"Nothing good ever happen after 2 AM..."

January 20, 2011

Somewhere else?

"I can't really say why everybody wishes they were somewhere else
In the end, the only steps that matter are the ones you take 
all by yourself..."
 Cant go back now - the weepies 

January 17, 2011

Meet Billie

Hey guys (and girls), meet Billie my very own Ibanez s470 electric guitar. Billie is one of my most treasured posession since I do not owned much things... Apart from my computer gears and Stella (I'll blog about Stella once I managed to give her some upgrade and a paint job), Billie is all I care about... Pretty lame right ?!! haha I know... maybe once I get a girlfriend, I will forget all about Billie and Stella (maybe not Stella :P)

This is Marshall, Billie's companion when I'm playing that awesome guitar hahaha... Marshall is a Marshall mg15dfx amplifier... I cant afford a better amp since I'm so broke these days... but this should do it... but I need to buy a better cable... the one I'm using is of a bad quality product... too many interference and noise generated... it is hard to get a clean sound... though that would not matter much not so long ago when all I play was distorted/overdriven guitar... but ever since my influence include softer sounded music, I longed for a real clean sound from my amp but the cable is really fucked up... a  good cable cost in the vicinity of RM60 and upwards... My income is super low that I cant even afford that... need to start to learn to save... and not spend all my dime in things I don't really need or don't do me much good (cigarettes for one)...

There's a video of me in my Facebook profile, playing Billie (with Marshall,but he is not shown on the video) trying to cover one of Plain White T's song... it was pretty lame though since I am not really good at playing the guitar (or everything else for that matter) but hey at least I tried. Look me up if you want to see it (warning: It is pretty lame... and I mean pretty pretty lame).

"We are floating in space"

January 10, 2011

A second chance once more

If i walked a thousand miles,
only to find out that,
I was walking in the wrong direction,
would i turn back and recounting my steps?

If i was tall and handsome,
loaded and charming,
have a way with the ladies,
would you open fire and leave me to bleed?

Should i overcome my ineptness,
throw away the failures of yesteryear,
start anew ready to face to world,
would you be there by the turnstiles?

A second chance once more,
where does this cycle leads to?

Should it all be different?
shall we just ignore and forget the past?
what about you and me?
what about our story?
ruined by the selling out

of pens and paper :P

January 3, 2011

Strawberry fields

So it is that time of the year again... to renew one goals and make plan to actually achieve it and to look back at the last goals that were or weren't achieve... I never one to make plan... especially not a long term one... too much unnecessary pressure for me to bear... so here's a toast to all the silly, stupid and obnoxious things I have done over the last year... to all the misinterpret signals, misquoted intention, and to the one that got away... to all the sins I've committed, the good things I've done and the anger that were misdirected... let bygones be bygones and hopefully 2011 will brings much joy and happiness to us all...

Not much had been expected from2011 for me... just that I am looking forward to do some traveling this year... been working for the last 8/9 years without much to show except debts that is mounting beyond my reach, a whole bunch of stupid poems and countless of times my heart being broken (my fault by the way)... so I am definitely going to do some traveling this year... got 2 trips already confirm... maybe somewhere nearby... Vietnam or Cambodia seems good.... Indonesia too once they start to hate us Malaysian less :).. can't afford to go to Europe... or the African continent (how I would really love to visit this continent)...

For everything else... there's mastercard... makin bertambah ler hutang aku yang dah hampir sama tinggi dengan KL tower... nangis lah biler pikir pasal hutang nie...

"Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see."