March 31, 2011

nice guys finish last (draft 1)

** This post have been edited a little bit

it hurts... and before we proceed further, I just want to go on record.. I'm not saying I'm a nice guy.. no one is super nice these days... I'm no different...

I'm sure most us have heard the phrase "Nice guys finish last"... so what does that means??... is it telling us being nice will never get us far... at least when it comes to ladies... as i often heard this phrase uttered in the event of a nice dude lost a girl to a jerk... and why is that?? I know in high school most jerks gets away with the girls... while nice guys are left with nothing much... teenage girls always more attracted to the bad boys persona... we could see this in almost every high school... but after high school is done I thought it would all change for the better for us nice guys...

Well people may argue that it has change... and for the most part I agree... but I have never seen a jerk dating average girls... they always managed to get the hot girl... what is it about jerks/bad boys with hot chicks??... you know what...  I give up... I know I'm not a super duper nice guy... there are things that I've done in the past that I'm not particularly super proud of... but I'm not naive... girls always go to nice guys to complaint about their jerk boyfriends, to accompany them to do their shopping (which takes hours and hours of walking and standing) and as a plan B when they are mid 30s and not married yet... I mean, come on... we, nice guys always listen to every word they say and response in an appropriate manners... we look them in the eyes instead of their chest when we talked to them... open doors for them and being super attentive but still being considered as "just friend"... and please, I'm sick and tired of "oh you're too good for me"... no one is that good... nice guys would have push the pause button on the game console in the middle of an all time high scoring game just to answer the phone and listen to girls nagging and complaining about their boyfriends... I don't get it...

Sure, most guys who are interested in a girl would do all that... I'm fine with that... but what gets me the most is those jerks or players who despite being notorious for being what they are still managed to score... I mean, are you deaf and blind ? cant you see past the bad boy aura or the good looks? this maybe be a stupid rant... but I feel for all the nice guys... I have googled the phrase all too many times and from those reading, I'm still at a lost... all the article said that things will get better... but I'm sick of waiting... at 30, good things should have happened to me already... hahaha.. oh well maybe I'm not that nice and I'm not that bad.. I'm stuck in the middle.. a grey area where girl just don't come around that much... well that just sucks... you cant take the middle ground... either be super bad ass or be super nice... and the lesser of 2 evil always ended up being heart broken (trust me , it's not the best feeling in the world. I rather take a punch in the face)... trying to balance the nice guy attitude with a little of those much sought after bad boy persona don't really for some reason unknown to me...

We are becoming obsolete, we are playing by the rules in a game that clearly favor the cheaters... life sucks and the world is unfair... "the world is an ugly place but you're so beautiful to me..."

I'm sure the world doesn't work that way... there must be a reason that science hasn't found yet... i need to do more reading... i need to be more observant and critical in my fact finding missions... and i wrote this piece of half baked post because I'm crushed, broken, blown to smithereens and utterly disappointed with what i have experience recently... so sue me for being one sided, bitter and an awesome jerk... I'm choked with grief, my heart is shattered... at this very moment my heart is the world's worse kind of weapon (this is actually a song title... "my heart is the worse kind of weapon" by the fallout boys.. awesome song by the way)

well I guess that's it for now.. until i can get more information and when I'm over this disappointment (tak tau biler la tu ekk) i will revisit this phrase and try my best to write a balance perspective..

"I really like you but I can't be the Invisible Man, I'm tired of being the shoulder, I want to be another body part, I want to use up a woman so she's ruined for all other men ... "

March 7, 2011

This place is dead and devoid of all things fun

This place is dead and devoid of emotions

... and yet i found myself here again... waiting for the time to pass me by... crawling ever so slowly... greeting these unsmiling faces... forever locking horns in a battle... between freedom and the need to adhere to society cruel  judging piercing eyes... this place is dead... this place is mad... this is where i make a living... tending to computers... not my ideal career but hey... someone gotta pay the bills... and frankly, i envied my friends who do what the really like and make it as a living (and that is you acid... you and that artsy aura of yours... and congrats on your solo exhibition... I'll bring my sorry ass over to bangsar this weekend)... 

The place is dead and devoid of emotions... all we have is drones in cubicles... mindless shell living on SLAs, KPIs and warning alerts beeping from computer screens... I'm dead and devoid of all emotions... for I'm a drone living in a hive mind :)

March 1, 2011

Relationships between attractive women and ordinary men 'more likely to fail' (oh crap!!!)

Oh crap crap crap!!! (what a fugly looking men like me have to do hahaha) 

Relationships in which the woman is more attractive than the man are more likely to fail, according to research. 

Scientists from Stirling, Chester and Liverpool universities found that beautiful women seem to realise they can pick and choose their mates, whereas an attractive man with a more ordinary woman seemed to be more content and less likely to stray.

The findings might come as scant consolation to Bernie Ecclestone, whose marriage to the model Slavica Ecclestone, ended in 2009. She is almost a foot taller than him and 28 years younger.
Researchers took photographs of men and women in over 100 couples, some of whom had been together for a few months, others for many years, and they were then rated on looks.
The analysis showed that in relationships pairing a "beauty" with an average man, it tended to last only a matter of months. Rob Burriss, one of the researchers, said: "This would indicate it is the woman who is in control of whether the relationship continues."

He added that beautiful women may realise they can afford to pick and choose. Conversely, the less attractive women "may have to make do with what they have, hence the longer relationships", he said. Dr Burriss said the idea echoes the Dr Hook song When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman, which warns a man outshone by his woman that "everybody wants to take your baby home", as the Daily Mail noted.

The work was published in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin