December 19, 2010

Even hitler had a girlfriend

This is an old song (90's are great) but still a favorite of mine... :)

I still haven't found a girlfriend, though I've tried a lot
So can you help me please, it's tougher than I thought
The odds are pretty good
But the goods are pretty odd
Though at this point I'd take anything you've got

You see this all the time, nice girls in love with jerks
What could they be thinking? Tell me how it works
Yes I've got some problems
Well I wouldn't be the first
But the ones I had in mind are even worse

And even Hitler had a girlfriend that he could always call
Who'd always be there for him despite of all his faults
He was the worst guy ever reviled and despised
Even Hitler had a girlfriend so why can't I? Why can't I?

Life is full of contradictions, hard to understand
And for every happy woman there's a lonely man
Nixon had his puppy
Charles Manson had his clan
But God forbid that I get a girlfriend

Even Hitler had a girlfriend that he could call his own
To sweeten the days of bitterness and feeling all alone
I'm not as bad as Hitler but it doesn't mean a thing
Since they'd rather be with Hitler more than me, I don't see
Why they'd rather be with Hitler more that me

Even Hitler had a girlfriend by Mr. T Experience

December 17, 2010

The tumblr bug


I need to learn on how to use tumblr... I just dont know how to activate the comment/notes option... is it that confusing or am I getting old for this stuff... you know IT and internet :(...

Tumblr was not around when I was a young and eager internet user... I tried everything back then... from the typical, " how the hell to find porn on the net "(which was super easy by the way)... to programming my own websites (yeah those days i'm up for everything that's lame (still do, but not that much anymore)...

So a couple of months ago... I stumbled onto tumblr (well one of my old blogging buddies moved to tumblr actually)... a micro blogging site... and curiosity gets the better off me, without much thinking ,I registered myself for an account (oh and it's here by the way...) 

It's not too shabby, great for posting pictures and a few words but blogging here is much better... kinda used to it by now... I moved blog so many times I have lost count... I started with in 2004 I think... then to, then to and now 

Ok, worthless posting today... I miss my youth so much this week that I can't really think about anything else but the past... somehow, I think my past is way better than my future... my present is a blur... hehehehe...

Oh crystal ball, quit showing me my past and show me my death instead :)

December 5, 2010

And you (walk on)

I love you
I hate you
I'd lie to you
I'd lie for you
I should have not told you this

I envy you
I want to be with you
I'd die for you
I'd let you die
I would let you save me (again)

I think you're hot
I think you're not
I'd remember you
I'd forget you
I never thought it'll come to this

I adore you
I disgust you
I'd take back what I've said
I'd do you again and again
I should have never let it come to this

I should have realized
I should have said the right words
I would have done it
If only I know
That time waits for no one but itself

12:13 PM on a lovely Monday...