November 22, 2010

The aftermath is secondary...

The party on the weekend was OK... would have loved for the turned out to by a bit more but it was OK for a small party... most of the attendees were my cousins and only a few friends turned up... maybe next time I'll bring some hot stripper then my friends would turn up in arms :) btu no families would be invited... hahahaha... now anyone know any good stripper... hahahaha 

And I need to learn on how to estimate the food situation... by 3pm the food were almost finished.. I ended up buying a bucket and a barrel of KFC just to accommodate the shortage.. the KFC then turned to be a tad bit too much since only about 4 more guests showed up after that... hahaha

I think the distance between now and the future is not that far... it is a matter of perception... I never one to plan ahead but the older I get... the harder it is to ignore planning... is it because I'm wiser now (highly unlikely since I still feel like an idiot) or is it because I'm no longer cavalier in my undertakings? I used to not worry about the aftermath... as long as I'm the only one who will suffer or benefited from it... it's full speed ahead... any forward motion counts... :)

I missed my cavalier self... free and careless... I missed making reckless decision, making impromptu plan... I had a lot of fun during those days... hell I even suffered from some of it... but it was all worth the trouble... I missed my youth.. now more so then ever... I hate growing old... always have... always will... you know what they say "growing up is optional, growing old is mandatory"... ah I missed all the misadventure of yesteryear.. the fun, the joy and the tears... Wouldn't change it for the world... it has made me who I am today... might not be the greatest human ever to walk the earth... might just be the greatest idiot ever to roamed the planet... I am still me... for better or worse :)

Better Living Industries: the aftermath is secondary

November 11, 2010

Now in my 30s

Just a little something I wrote for my 30th birthday last Wednesday... I am ancient :P

In the dead silent of the night
A lifetime of memories formed within myself
Are regurgitated, through the medium of sound
The deafening noise of the darkness that surrounds me
That bottomless place filled with rage and emptiness
I am alone with my thoughts

Falling through the never ending flashbacks
The rise and the falls, the greats and the doomed
Calling out my name,time and time again
Pushing me further to the point of no return
Spiraling away towards oblivion
I am in denial

Trying to remember the time when hope is plentiful
Replenish by the undying spirit to live on
A purpose, an aim for us to care about
And if you turned around, you'll see me
Pushing on, cheering for your glory
I can't walk away now

Can I be the only hope for you, because you're the only hope for me... ?

November 2, 2010

building a dillemma

Susah jugak hidup sendiri nie.. hari2 makan maggi... tak pun roti ngan kaya...giler babas tak sedap kalo dah hari2 melantak bende yang sama... bukannyer dapur takde.. tapi tak reti nak masak... oh and i dont have a fridge to keep all the meat/fishes/chicken... huhu... need to get one fast... then maybe boleh try my hands on cooking... goreng telur reti lah... at least something different kan... :)

I got my internet and astro all sorted out... so takde lah super bosan... I need a game console and then it'll be perfect... awatlah PS3 nie mahal sangat... XBOX pun mahal... Wii, game tak braper nak besh... huhu dillemma, dilemma... susah nyer nak buat rumah jadik the best man-child's pad... hahahaha

Maybe some reading stuff, some magazine with sexy ladies in it (oh luper plak, this one got already... thank you FHM) and some sci-fi books since I'm a freak for everything outer space... some robots... huhu banyak nyer belanjer...

" A treat for greedy eyes..."