April 13, 2012

A feast for greedy eyes

Phuket was awesome... It was so awesome that I didn't want to come back... but we all have responsibilities and commitment that we cant simply get out of just like that... so with a heavy heart, I boarded the plane back to KL... I was a wreck going to Phuket and I was hoping I would come back in a better condition... Well I did for a while until she called and asked me to join her for a movie... Which was great since I knew that she was over her ex as per information from her bff... but I guess I got excited over nothing... the experience makes her even more cautious... well at least cautious enough not to make me her rebound guy... I guess it was never meant to be... we were great as friends... maybe even better as a little bit more than friend but just not to that level that I wanted to be.. the lovey dovey super mushy being madly into each other... so I guess this is the last time I'm trying... I have been pursuing her for far too long... so I'm moving on

So I spent 6 days in Phuket in early April... I was supposed to go there last year but work got in the way and the money I spent on the ticket got burned (yeah they said they will pay me back but it was never in black and white)... So finally I managed to get out of work and come to Phuket... and it was awesome... it was beyond awesome.. I just can't find the words for it... I went for 4 tour (krabi, phi phi, james bond and phuket city tour) and each of it was excellent... Maya bay was picturesque but too damn crowded... Raya island is super fantastic... and not to mention the friendly Thai girls... hahahaha I actually made a friend or 2 with the local girls... It was easier to make friend with the guys... well 2 is better than nothing at all... :P

Surrounded by bikini-clad chicks

Luckily I was already in KL when the tsunami alert was issued and thankfully nothing happened...The same thing happened to a friend of mine back in 2004 but the tsunami did happened and we know the rest of the story... She was at Phi Phi a day before the tsunami hit... a close call... so anyway.. don't want to bore you guys/girls with my boring story of Phuket... I'm planning to go back there again in the distance future...