December 25, 2012


boo hoo another day at the end of the year
woo hoo soon a new adventure begins
hoo ha much ado about nothing
yuhuu is there anyone listening ?

yee haa I'm heading to a new low
phew that was another close call
hell yeah I'm ready for another disappointment
sigh what to regret when you have nothing to lose

nothing is built to last
not even hope for a change in luck
when push comes to shove
you'll give up more often than not

Sad melancholy of the sombre hue
the truth is not to find another you
and then it came out of the blue
wildly misconstrued, so it must be true

The end is nigh
the palpable phase of a misadventure
it begins as soon as it ends
totally not conforming to the rules of nature

December 7, 2012

No luck stranger

I am having no luck trying to see us through your eyes...
The perseverance weakens, my foothold slips,
and I fall down this long and winding tunnel,
living all the persistence that comes to nothing
(nice job Mr. I leave it too late)

Uncommon ground to lie on
bedding in all the disappointment
while the fury of another failure
sinking in strengthening the will to carry on
and in some distant future
Success lie waiting to be claimed

I am having no luck trying to see you now through my eyes
your grip is slipping and no longer weakens me
this fall while bad enough to 'cause an heartache
is a blessing in disguise, sunshine after the storm

I guess I should let it just be
Things happened for a reason
And I got no reason to
be bitter at what had happened
We are having no luck at being there for each other
So let just be strangers in a strange land