December 23, 2014

Hujan lagi

Hujan lebat yang engkau cemuh
Membasuh dosa di waktu subuh
Bukan sepi itu yang aku keluh
Tetapi rasa ini yang membunuh

Tiada siapa yang ambil peduli
Akan titisan yang menghujani bumi
Mencemari sinaran sang matahari
Mencipta ilusi, fantasi si pelangi

Air yang tenang engkau nodai
Tasik yang tenteram berkocak kini
Ada yang bersembunyi
Dan ada yang berlari
Semuanya ku perhati
dari tingkap ini

December 9, 2014

ever after is a myth

the wayward inclination of my own emotions
the ever longing to be by your side
the grand ideas of the way things should be
and the eventual desolation that engulfed any hope of redemption

and yet, here lies the memento
the ever present aide-memoire
a mnemonic representation of a distant rememberance
a tale best forgotten, an epic story of the non-existence of success
simply bereft us of the future we once knew

here and now and no more
the present will set you free
the one eyed will never be king
for all he did was to misled and to deceive

Ever after is a myth
a three eyed monster meant to blind the masses of the impending arrival
of the new world order
to kill and to repeat.