August 12, 2010

Altar of shame

I stood still, and for a while,
time flies ever so slowly, waiting,
giving me room to breathe, to inhale,
the fresh new beginning, and to exhale,
the torment of yesteryear, a time not too long ago,

I picked up the pieces, buried in the sand of time,
placing them one by one, on the altar of shame,
so cold and bitter, it fills the air with animated taunts,
I gave up on us, we were never really together,
the love is dead, the heart charred beyond recognition,

I'll leave my room, open till sunrise,
for you, and if we ever crossed path,
turn your back and walk away,
I don't want you to see me, faltering,
I'm so lost, without you,

You are the ghost, my only venom,
never alone, but at times, lonely,
Are you afraid of being alone?
haunt my dreams, I am not waking up,
I cry for the times I thought I had you