August 25, 2014

To feel is to be human.

It is raining outside and it's around 1:25 AM in the morning... I am struggling to fall asleep... Sleeping is overrated anyway... I wonder what would become of us... after all is said and done... is there anything left to look forward to... oblivion it seems.. is inevitable... It would be nice to be remembered... to know that we have touched a life (or more)... to delay oblivion just enough to make a different... to know that our life was not a waste... to prove that even in our darkest moments, we shined through because our hope never wavered and the will to be extraordinary is enough to push through any barriers physically or mentally... our fragile heart is also our strongest muscle... push us around hard enough and it'll trigger this strength unbeknownst to us before... for this strength is what makes us human... fragile but yet unbreakable...


"“To hurt is as human as to breathe.” JK Rowling.
"That's the thing about pain... it demand to to be felt..." TFIOS