May 30, 2010

celibacy ends

The school holiday is coming real soon... so as usual, the school holiday comes with the wedding season... or musim orang kawin lah... in the first week itself aku dah dapat 2 invitation kawin dah.. satu kat melaka and satu lagi kat bangi... turn aku??? hahahaha ntah ler... nampak gaya macam lambat lagi ajer... bukan takmo tapi takde chance... hahahaha

So anyway, lama sangat dah aku tak update anything real on this blog... writer's block?? nahhhh... aku tewas dengan sifat malas aku... tapi itu lah... aku nak cuba be more pro-active... hopefully in the coming months... banyak ler perkara yg menarik jadik dalam hidup aku yg sememengnyer membosankan nie... i need to start using that camera i bought a couple of months back... at least kalo takde citer nak post .. boleh post gambar ye tak ???

Nobody likes Monday if they're honest... I am no different... but for what it worth... have a great day :)

May 25, 2010

the hate protocol

I look through the window beside my cubicle... it's feels like being stagnant... everything stopped... I wish for the rain to come... ease this unknown weary I feel inside... the sneaky evil malice that would eventually makes you do things you'll regret...

and then there's her... the very thing that should never re-appear but she did... and I thought I have been liberated... how wrong was I... the temptation to stop everything and start over again is overpowering... leave all the things I have built for the past 2/3 years just because I cant handle her??... I could just be a jerk and tell her off now could I?... or I could be a gentlemen and reason with her... even though the last time I did that... she still insisted on harassing me on a daily basis... it's not because I hated her... I just cant handle her clingy-ness (is there such a word??)... and I really thought I like clingy girl... how wrong was I... if this green monster ever show it's ugly face I will probably just be a jerk and tell her off.. or be a coward and let my friends do it for me... I just don't want to be associated with her anymore... you and me... we are just too freaking different to actually survive the emotional roller coaster that comes with being in a relationship... lets leave it there... no point going over the same facts over and over again... it read the same way upside down... we were never meant to be... or at least I seems to think so...

May 2, 2010

Early morning girl

Sometime early this morning, my sister gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl... so that makes me a proud uncle.. huhuhu...

A very big welcome to the world lil' baby girl... I'm going to be the best uncle you'll ever had...

I should probably start thinking about having one myself... unfortunately I cant find a girl that would actually likes me enough to marry me... hahahaha

I wonder if my sister would let me named her daughter... now that would be awesome... hehehe

when the cold nights seems bereft of joy
you came and brings us warmth and happiness
cries of awes echo through the sand of time
so suddenly, even the stars do not have time to realign